Hydrogen technology is key to face the decarbonization of energy production, the substitution of natural gas in industrial processes, as well as the elimination of hydrocarbons in heavy transport, private vehicles, maritime transport and rail. Hydrogen is presented as a front-line energy player in the battle to reach a horizon without polluting emissions.

The possibility of generating and storing “green hydrogen” through electrolysis processes using the excess electrical energy produced by renewable sources is now a reality.

This represents a great opportunity for economic development of proprietary technology, making the most of the Spanish business, scientific and industrial fabric, as well as the country's high renewable resources, which offers sufficient production potential to self-supply local energy needs and export surpluses.

At Rosetta Technology we have a long experience in the supply of measurement solutions and offer a high level of consultancy in the selection of the most advanced, reliable and proven instrumentation for applications related to the hydrogen industry: Test Benches, Fuel cells , Electrolyzers, Dispensers, R + D + i applications among many others.