Battery Chargers/Analyzers

Charging, discharging and maintenance device for measuring the capacity of NiCd, lead-acid and lithium aircraft batteries 

  • Nominal voltages between 1.2 and 28.8 V
  • Capacities between 1 and 900 Ah
  • 7 "TFT screen
  • Ethernet and USB interface
  • Optimal maintenance, with individual programs according to manufacturers maintenance manuals
  • Loading and unloading with constant current from 0.1 to 60 A
  • Completely automated cycles without any manual intervention: Loading, unloading, residual discharge, capacity test, constant voltage and constant current.
  • Selectable programs from control console for SAFT, Hawker, NKBN, Marathon, Concorde and Gill NiCd batteries
  • Measurement and recording of independent cell voltages
  • Ethernet communication with TCP / IP protocol for remote viewing, acquisition and printing of data