Turbine Flowmeters

Turbine Flowmeters are the ideal solution for liquid measurement applications requiring high accuracy, very fast response times and compact design. They provide a perfect reliability in continuous operation, also at constant flow changes and fluctuating operating temperatures. They are not sensitive to vibration, shock and humidity, special versions available in IP67 including also pickoffs and electronic amplifier.

Turbine flowmeter have a wide range of applications. These include f.e. monitoring of flow rates of fuels and coolants in motors and engine development, dosing exact quantities in food and pharmaceutical industry, monitoring and measurement of ultrapure water in research and development, quantity measurement for consumption.


  • New rotor design for better linearity and 15% less pressure loss
  • Error-free digital pulse output
  • Precision ball bearings for better repeatability and optimal results at lower flow rates
  • Measuring range 0,05 to 1700 l/min
  • Pickoffs with integrated temperature sensors
  • Compatible with Cox AN/ANC and Flow Technology FT/NT Series