Gas thermometers

We offer you a wide variety of gas thermometers, for the measurement of temperature in a range of -200ºC to + 800ºC.

  • Available with circular or rectangular housings, in many sizes
  • Rigid bar thermometers, with adjustable dial or with capillary, up to 100 meters lengths
  • Stainless steel, fiberglass or Noryl housings
  • Wide variety of connections: DIN, SMS, APV, IDF, ISO and VARIVENT
  • Valid for hygienic applications
  • ATEX certification available, even for models with contacts
  • Submersible models up to depths of 6,000 m, manufactured in 316L stainless steel blocks
  • Two year warranty

Ask us and we will advise you on the selection of the product that suits your needs.