Nav/comm & transponder test sets

100+ tests on 16+ systems with just 1 device. The range offers four variants: T-RX Radio, T-RX Pulse, T-RX RP+ and T-RX Pulse+, each testing a specific set of systems and functions: VOR, ILS (LOC, MB, GS) , HF and VHF communication, DME, ELT, A/C and S transponder, ADS-B 1090, SELCAL, ARINC 429 Rx/Tx, TCAS, ADS-B UAT (978) and GPS.

Available for immediate delivery and ready for the future, allowing additional test functions to be easily installed as new avionics developments and test requirements arise.

The proven T-RX are very rugged and built for the demanding maintenance conditions of any type of aircraft:

• Long battery life, up to 10 hours
• 10” color touch screen, readable in sunlight
• Only 2.3 kg 
• Intuitive user interface and experience
• Designed to perform in harsh environments
• Supports up to 64GB of fast read/write memory
• High-speed, industrial-grade ARM Cortex A7 processor