Petrochemical and process

Today, the petrochemical and process industry needs to bring its production to higher levels of quality and reliability at the lowest possible cost. This, coupled with the need to comply with increasingly demanding regulations and with a permanent fluctuation in the prices of raw materials, makes it necessary to equip processes with greater intelligence to reduce maintenance, improve efficiency, increase quality and reduce risks.

We offer you a wide range of world-class measurement technology, that will provide you with the necessary information for complete control of your processes in the most adverse environments, as well as for R&D, validation, testing, and maintenance labor for each component and / or system, and the quality assurance of the final products.


We want to be close to our clients to understand exactly what their concerns are, and help them solving them. For this purpose, we put at your dispossal a large group of professionals, who will always offer the best solution for each application.

Our professionals will advise you on the challenges that arise, in order to propose the best solution based on innovation, technology and the greatest benefits for you.