The aerospace industry is, without doubt, one of the most complex and demanding in terms of technology. Every new program requires huge investments and years of design, calculations, simulations, system`s development, as well as a complex process of testing of structures, materials, aerodynamics, engines, systems and a whole lot more.

No less important is the production phase, accompanied by an extensive and exhaustive process of functional and flight tests. Finally, the operation of the aircraft by the final customer, the last test campaigns, corrections and improvements at all levels, the correct customer support...

In all of these processes, the highest quality measurement instrumentation is required, suitable for R&D works, validation, testing, checking and maintenance of each component and/or system, as well as the control of production processes and quality of the final products. It is in this field where we provide added value, bringing specialized advice and supplying first level products, helping our clients to face their highest technological challenges.