Averaging pitot tube - Annubar

Averaging pitot tube technology and are commonly used where flow rates of gases or liquids are measured. They have been proven in the field to be reliable, stable and accurate for more than 35 years.

Due to the robust technology and the simple principle of measurement, averaging pitot tubes can be used for difficult conditions and offer considerable advantages over other measuring technology from easy installation to long-term measuring stability.

Additional unique advantages are the possibilities of bidirectional flow measurement as well as the integration of temperature and pressure measurement.

Offer practica advantages wherever

  • a simple, fast and low-cost installation is required,
  • an existing pipeline needs to be retrofitted with a flow meter with minimal installation effort,
  • space is limited with short straight pipe runs,
  • process gas with dust, fibers, corrosive elements or at water saturated conditions need to be measured,
  • operation of a pipeline cannot be interrupted or shutdown during installation,
  • low pressure losses are required for economical or technical reasons.