Gas mixing system

“Fusion Flow™ MXM” dynamic gas mixing platform.

Each MXM system is custom built to deliver fully controllable gaseous blends to almost any laboratory, industrial, or R&D process with NIST traceable precision by employing Alicat Scientific’s high performance mass flow controllers.

The Fusion Flow™ MXM is a flexible, small form, turn-key instrument with advanced pressure control capabilities. With four highly configurable build options, automated gas mixtures of up to ten constituents can be flow- or pressure-controlled without the need for additional outboard hardware.

The MXM is intended for percent level gas mixing of the standard 130 non-corrosive and corrosive gases available on Alicat controllers. In addition, it can accept the input of pre-mixed ppm level gases. Fusion Flow’s proprietary firmware and software keeps track of all gases, their flow, their pressures, and relative ratios, and reports on them in various ways.