Bus converters

- ARINC429 ARINC 429 to 3 x 0-10V DC: Data extraction from up to three independent user-selectable ARINC 429 tags on a single data bus and translate them into three independent 0-10 V DC

- DISCRETE BIT to ARINC 429: Encodes and transmits up to 19 discrete inputs on a single data tag

- ARINC 429 NMEA 0183 to ARINC 429: To extract navigation data from a standard NMEA 0183 GPS data stream and translate it to a data bus

- ARINC 429 ARINC 429 to 8 x Relay: Decodes 8 bits of one or two selected ARINC 429 tags. Bit selection can be configured on the circuit board to control up to 8 relays

- ARINC 429 to NMEA 0183: Extract navigation data from an ARINC 429 data bus and translate it to a RS232 or RS422 serial data bus. The exact format for the converted data output is NMEA 0183, a marine GPS ASCII format

- USB to ARINC 429: USB to ARINC 429 adapter consisting of four transmitters and four receivers. The adapter is suitable for laboratory and field use and supports maximum data throughput on all eight ARINC 429 channels

Supported data buses:

• ARINC 429
• ARINC 419C
• ARINC 561
• ARINC 568
• ARINC 575
• ADF 806
• NMEA 0183
• MIL-STD-1553B