The pharmaceutical industry is one of the key sectors of the Spanish economy, both for its innovative nature and for its ability to invest in R&D (more than 1,000 million euros a year, 21% of total industrial R&D ), which makes it a cutting-edge sector that must make an important contribution to the necessary transformation of the Spanish production model

Due to the nature of the products it develops, the technological component in this industry is one of the most demanding and advanced of all the industries, and its quality controls are the most regulated. Each production process requires precise and highly reliable monitoring of innumerable variables, for which first-class measurement instrumentation is required, often designed specifically for sanitary applications, with CFR21 approval etc.

Of vital importance is also the maintenance and calibration of all this instrumentation, for which great efforts and resources are dedicated, both human and in equipment.

Rosetta Technology offers the highest quality measurement and calibration instrumentation to make these jobs simple, precise, reliable and safe, offering them the best technologies, experience and services to help you guarantee quality management, comply with regulations, reduce costs, successfully carry out R&D, validation, testing, etc. as well as to increase the reliability of your facilities.