Automotive is a strategic sector of the Spanish economy, and one of the essential industrial pillars of our country, accounting for 10% of GDP and 19% of total exports. The companies, aware of the dynamism of the sector and the need to adapt themselves to the increasingly demanding needs of the global market, are strongly committed to R&D, presenting one of the highest investment rates in modernization and industrial automation.

Each new development is accompanied by large investments and long design processes, calculations, simulations, as well as a complex testing`s campaign for engine, structures, materials, aerodynamics etc. In all these processes, including the manufacturing of vehicles, the highest quality instrumentation is required, suitable for R&D works, component`s or complete vehicle`s validation and testing, production`s process or quality`s control.


It is in this field where we provide first level sensors, measurement instruments, helping our clients to face the highest technological challenges, providing them with specialized advice and all our extensive experience.